Who we are

Who we are

Visonary, professional pioneer, after decade of cultivation in the global market, YFYSupply become one of the leading company in foodservice packaging industry. YFYsupply is committed to making supply chain of food packaging simple.

The product solutions YFYsupply provides to the market is always innovative, marketable and can correctly meet customers’ needs, by doing this, YFYsupply devotes her effort to make your product selection simple.

YFYsupply provide instant access to superior supply by reaching out to the most carefully selected resources with competitive pricing and superior quality, so as to make your resources selection simple.

Premium service is the core of YFYsupply’s model. With the whole-journey overall supply chain service, YFYsupply can have you clear traceability of the whole logistic processes of your order to have them safe and sound from the factory to your door. YFYsupply makes your purchasing schedule simple.

Our Market

YFYsupply serves customers across a wide spectrum of businesses from retail, food services, convenience store, and delis to food processing markets. Our product portfolio and engineered solutions are designed to meet customer applications needs in the areas of food contact, customer experience, packaging operations and more.

Our Product

Our family of brands enables us to offer customers an array of product choices to meet their preferences. At YFYsupply, many of our products are made with compostable and recycled content to reduce our use of prime materials and thus reduce the impact our suppliers and ourselves may have on the environment. Other products are designed to be recycled or composted, reducing the impact our customers and their consumers can have on the environment.  Up or down the value chain, whatever choice our customers make, all YFYsupply products come with our commitment to innovation, quality and service.

Our Innovation

Innovation drives our business. Every day we strive to create exceptional value for our customers’ needs on the best packaging solution. We also look for ways to meet society’s expectations for new and ground-breaking products that help preserve the environment, offer convenience, and protect the integrity of our customers’ products. Our continuous drive to innovate has enabled us to create and develop product and solutions.